ADIVI - add digital information to video

The browser based software for easy creation and publication of interactive and clickable videos.

ADIVI is a hypervideo- and rich-media-application for the creation of interactive and structured videos by adding additional information. You can add pictures, weblinks, other videos, documents and any file format.

ADIVI is available as stand-alone software. This versions is including the hypervideo player for website or webbased system integration of your clickable videos.


ADIVI ProductionKit

Creation and publication of ADIVI Hypervideos as stand-alone-software for local installation.

ADIVI Hypervideo Flash-Player

You can embed your ADIVI Hypervideos into your website or other webbased systems. The ADIVI Hypervideo is included in delivery of both versions.


Benefits & Advantages

interactive communication without media discontinuity
individual information transfer related to individual knowledge and interest
easy creation by drag´n´drop
interactive presentation and display of videos with or without annotations
customizable layout of contents, frontend and player
comfortable navigation through videos and other information
fast and cheap production and publication
quick arranged up-to-date communication
multiple usage of existing video materials
sustainable increased learning success by integrating adequate media types
support of high resolution video formats
integrated rights management for role specific work scenarios
increasing image because of usage of innovative media