FAQ - General

What is ADIVI?
ADIVI is a hypervideo- and rich-media-application for the creation of interactive and structured videos by adding additional information.

How is ADIVI available?
ADIVI is available as stand-alone software. ADIVI enables you to create interactive videos by your own. ADIVI is not a service!

What is Hypervideo?
Hypervideo is the audio-visual response to the organisational concept of hypertext. Hypervideos are the special sort of video where specific scenes or objects are either linked with other videos or additional external information.

How can I create hypervideos?
ADIVI enables you to create interactive videos by your own. Just upload the desired video into an ADIVI project, create sensitive regions and add the information of your choice... easy by drag´n´drop.

How do I integrate ADIVI Hypervideos into my Website?
A Flash based hypervideo player is included in all versions of ADIVI. This player operates as stand-alone and in connection to an ADIVI Server also as remote player.

What is a sensitive region?
A sensitive region serves as entry point for annotated information. Dynamical or statical sensitive regions can be placed at any scene, area or object in a video.

What meens "annotating"?
In context to ADIVI annotating meens to add additional information to a sensitive region of a hypervideo.

Which information can I add to video?
You can add pictures, weblinks, other videos, documents and any file format.